The latest acrylic painting. The Cliff.

This is the latest acrylic painting, The Cliff. Dimensions 24 x 24 in each canvas. Artist Nensi Bregu Karanxha.

" I made this painting in a storm day. Massachusetts has been hit by a by a big storm, with lots of snow, and where everything has been shut down. In contrast with the weather,  I was thinking of one cliff, that I visited last summer, in San Diego, California. I competed the painting, out of that memory..  a few days later, curious I search and I found the photos from the trip. It was interesting to see some of the pictures of that place and than to look back at my painting"


The Cliff painting on the wall.

The Cliff painting on the wall.

Photo from the trip.

Photo from the trip.

The original artwork is available for purchase. Please click the link below if interested for more details.

Cliff Walk Original Painting

Original painting.  

Dimensions. Overall dimension 24 in x 48 in x 2 in.

Two canvases 24 in x 24 in each

Artist. Nensi Bregu Karanxha

Media. Acrylic, Year 2015.

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